Good news everyone! Smoking is cool again!

On the Mad Men / Lucky Strike cigarette connection:

While Lucky Strike-branded cigarettes dominate Mad Men’s fictional universe, it’s possible that Mad Men dominates Lucky strike’s brand in the real world. The cigarette industry has historically traded on one of the most ethereal concepts known to man: “coolness”. But since the mid-2000s, this feeling (as well as any other) has been firmly outside the reach of the brands themselves. Not only are the majority of cigarette cartons overwhelmed by health advisories, tobacco marketing and advertising is prohibited in more than 175 countries, including the entire European Union and United States. In Mad Men, BAT had a show that epitomized “cool” masculinity and virility and positioned cigarettes as an anytime activity – all without running afoul of a single regulation or ban. This isn’t to say that Mad Men overcame tobacco or cancer stigmas, but it likely helped Lucky Strike become their cigarette of choice among new and high potential smokers. Demographic data seems to conform to this hypothesis: BAT boasts that over 60% of Lucky Strike customers are under 30, suggesting the majority of the brand’s recent growth has come from new smokers.