Do you Jabber?

Verbs was the king of instant messaging on iOS.

I got Verbs at version 2. I thought they abandoned it. But their iOS 7 update looks pretty good. It syncs conversations between devices, knows when you’re using on your Mac and silences notifications during that time. Verbs was the best IM software on iOS…years ago. In its day it was the only iOS app that looked like it belonged on iOS.

This demo video is very careful to not show what services it supports. We can assume AIM, Google Talk and Jabber. The problem is that the world may have moved on. Who still signs into AIM? Who uses Google Talk? Google is rebranding it as Hangouts and trying to get everyone to use their own app. I suspect Google Talk as it was introduced (as XMPP/Jabber) won’t be around much longer.

And how many corporate settings actually use Jabber services now that there are things like Yammer and SalesForce Chatter? Not being smart – genuinely curious.