Wired’s Profile on Mark Cerny

Reading this you get the feeling that this upcoming generation will feel just like the previous generation: it’s the exclusives where things will really matter, but it will matter even more because all the hardware is similar.

That’s why I originally bought a PS3. All other things equal, Sony had the advantage of exclusive titles developed by their own studios. All Microsoft had was Halo and Xbox Live…and if you’re an adult the dream of Xbox Live hits a brick wall because of racist pre-teens. Online gaming is the same as any gaming has ever been. You need to bring your own friends to have a good time.

20 years ago it was a big deal for Sony to steal Squaresoft from Nintendo. Now the big publishers almost HAVE to publish on both platforms, which is why the indie-game reachout is going to be very important this time around.

…reading through this before I hit the publish button I realize Nintendo hadn’t even crossed my mind.

The other thing to consider is the “east vs west” vibe of this. If you’re at all in a management role you’ll hear over and over again about Toyota’s assembly line practices, the Japanese management style, and how it’s superior to what we have in America.

And then this.