“Who hates Jony Ive’s iOS7? Publishers, that’s who”

This article speculates that iOS 7 is indirectly responsible for the decline of Newsstand readers. It argues that users can easily hide Newsstand and forget it.

I’m not so sure that’s the reason. I got Newsstand fatigue well before iOS 7 was even announced. It had nothing to do with the apps or design. It had everything to do with content, whether from magazines that were completely digital or could come to me in the mail.

After a while I just thought many of them aren’t worth paying for.

What’s also strange, in the case of The Magazine, is I still have the app in my newsstand. I unsubscribed at issue 12 – as of this writing they’re on issue 30. For whatever reason the publisher has decided not to let non-subscribers see what’s in the latest issue. So I don’t even look. They could have won me back 18 times by now.