Rob Delaney Visited Twitter

Rob Delaney talks about twitter on this episode of Comedy Bang Bang.

I haven’t listened to the entire episode, but check out the early part with Rob Delaney. At about 9 minutes in he talks about being invited to Twitter HQ and being asked a bunch of questions about how he uses it.

RD: They wanted to know what I liked about it, what I didn’t like about it, what I felt I got out of it, if I had any suggestions and ideas…

SA: Did they take any of your suggestions?

RD: None at all. They rejected them soundly. I think what I said was like “every new thing you do is totally unnecessary and silly and all I want to do is write jokes and hit BLURP and have people read them. But they were like, “yeah, we’d like to make money.” And I said “Yeah, do what you gotta do.”

He also endorses Tweetbot.