“Mr. Right, It Turns Out, Does Not Take Classes”

On the hidden-agenda of adult education.

But why are many of the city’s classes dominated by women?

“Men separate the social aspect from the fitness aspect,” said Mr. Silverman of JackRabbit Sports. “Women look at that at the same time.”

At the Golf Club at Chelsea Piers, women call to find out about the male-female ratio in group classes. Greta Wagner, the general manager, said that men, thinking that they do know or should know how to play, “are more apt to take private lessons.”

Women hoping to both learn the game and to mingle would be wise to attend the club’s socials and stay to practice after group lessons, Ms. Wagner said. “There’s a lot of very handsome men on the tee line.”

Mr. Silverman said that, in general, men seek instruction when they want to push through a triathlon or get turned on to a highly technical sport like cycling.

“The more intense the goal,” he said, “the more male participation.”