“‘I fell for Malcolm Gladwell’s approach”

So, basically, Malcolm Gladwell is what there was before TED Talks.

Typed out:

Gladwell is the same Gladwell as when I was his editor at The Washington Post. At first, I fell for his approach and brought him over to the science pod from the Post’s business staff. Then I realized that he cherry picks research findings to support just-so stories. Every time I sent him back to do more reporting on the rest of the story, he moaned and fumed.

When I read his proposal for “The Tipping Point,” I found it to be warmed over epidemiology. It was based on a concept and a perception so old it was already an ancient saying about straw and a camel’s back. But gussied up in Malcom’s writing style, it struct the epidemiologically naive as brilliant. Brilliant enough to win an advance of more than $1 million.