Why I stopped backing Kickstarters

I’ve stopped backing Kickstarters.

Kickstarters always seem to fall under two categories:

  1. All I need is $50,000 to make my dream come true.
  2. Oh, I have the money, but I don’t want to take the risk.

With #1 there’s a naïveté that usually goes along with these projects. It actually may be that money is the only thing holding the project back, but that doesn’t appear to be the case most of the time. Most of the time a huge financial goal is a wish — if we actually get this money then we can pay for all our problems to go away. IT CAN’T FAIL!

And #2 just makes me feel like I’m being taken for a ride. Why should WE take the risk for your project? You can afford it. Is it not destined for commercial success? Is it not going to make any money back? If you don’t believe in the project, why should I?

I’ve been critical of Kickstarters before. It’s not Kickstarter itself that’s the problem, but what makes me suspicious is how nearly every Kickstarter is about selling a wish. And the products usually end up not being so great. But that doesn’t matter, because they sold you the DREAM of the project.