Even Cinnabon calls it “goo”

A profile of Kat Cole, the 35-year old leader of Cinnabon.

A batch of Classic Rolls starts as a rectangular slab of dough that’s fed into a machine roller and stretched to a yard wide. The dough sheet is slathered with a half-pound of margarine, the beginning of a sweet schmear that is known at Cinnabon as “the goo.” The choice of margarine has nothing to do with calories. The oil-based fat holds up better than butter under the oven’s heat, so the goo doesn’t ooze out into the bottom of the pan.

There’s criticism of how Cinnabon is immoral, that it’s contributing to the obesity epidemic by normalizing excess. But come on – you know Cinnabons aren’t good for you. If you eat them that’s on you.

Also, the underlying implication here, I think, is how corporations often use human nature against itself for higher gain. Why else mention over and over again and put it in the title in a story about Cinnabon, that she’s worked for Hooters? They’re trying to sexualize Cole, get you to imagine her in a Hooters outfit, and imply that Hooters is evil by relying on its reputation as…how shall I put it – not family friendly. And Cinnabon is evil because it’s making people fat. And she’s in the center of it, as some kind of mastermind of human brain short circuitry.