“DuckTales Remastered: I am tired of your shit, and it’s time to talk about it”

It’s the biggest gaming letdown of the year, PA Report writes.

In my opinion the best remake is Bionic Commando ReArmed. It didn’t stray from the original formula. DuckTales Remastered did.

I don’t agree with adding checkpoints, but I do agree with the his view on the long boss battles and voice recording…it’s like they just needed to find a way to stick the voice actors into the game. Had those things not been added you wouldn’t need checkpoints.

I believe that new players will think Ducktales Remastered is fun, but the problem with remakes is that they don’t target new players. They target people who were about 8 years old when it first came out and want to feel like they are kids again.

DuckTales: Remastered is everything that was limited and frustrating about NES games mixed with all the self-indulgent blather of modern games, and the resulting soup is a bitter meal.

Yup. They even have extras to unlock for concept art, renderings, and Music. And music is one of the last things you can unlock…because they know that was thing most people would want.

Had DuckTales Remastered simply been an update of the original game without any of those additions I think people would be happier.