Over The Limit / Rush

I’ve been giving Rush another shot. If you’ve ever listened to Vapor Trails this article on its bad mastering would encourage you to stick around the 70s/80s era Rush.

If you can take Rush at all.

Despite now being available in iTunes as Mastered For iTunes, Vapor Trails still suffers from the problems the original compact disc had 10 years ago. There’s been talk of them going back and remixing and remastering the album, but it appears that they’d rather just leave it in the past where it belongs.

Also, the big reason why I couldn’t get into Rush for a while was because of the high-pitched vocals. After a couple weeks of trying to get over it I’ve started to come around. My Rush collection now looks like this:


I’ve really been digging Counterparts and I think that Rush’s arc is a lot like King Crimson’s: progressive rock through the 70’s and then becoming more accessible in the 80s. And now it’s old guys with guitars and distortion pedals.