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Pretty good list of scummy ways to make money with your iOS app.


As the saying goes, you don’t realize that you’ve run out of toilet paper when you’re standing in the supermarket. Instead of making your players load up on in-app purchases before they start your game, offer them assistance when they need it most — in the midst of battle! Contract Killer Zombies 2 uses this technique to great effect. Run out of ammo? Need a stronger weapon to kill a boss? No problem! Let the user pause the game and purchase what they need, and allow them to get back to what’s important — killing zombies!


Ask users to perform actions that have some value to you, and reward them with some in-game virtual currency.

Some things that you can reward your users for doing are:

  • Inviting friends to the app via email, SMS, or Facebook
  • Completing quick actions that generate value for you, such as Tapjoy or Sponsorpay
  • Sharing scores on social networks
  • Logging in to their social networks
  • Subscribing to your mailing list
  • Creating an account in your game

Money isn’t the only thing of value in a monetization strategy. A mention on a social network, as well as building your marketing list via email signups, are both actions that have a great deal of value.