Breakbot Interview in Tiny Mix Tapes

They address the similarity between Baby I’m Yours and Treasure:

I heard something about Bruno Mars wanting to cover “Baby I’m Yours” — then taking some liberties when you said no.

Yeah, the boss of Because Music mentioned this to me at Coachella, a year ago. “This guy Bruno Mars wants to cover ‘Baby I’m Yours,’” and all that. At the time, I was really busy finishing my album, so it did not happen. And he made this song called “Treasure,” which is actually kind of a rip-off of “Baby I’m Yours.” But I’m cool with it — I have many influences myself, with lots of bits taken from here and there. You know, it’s alright.

Would you ever collaborate with a big name artist like that, very very poppy?

Yeah, I would love to try, you know. Like if Rihanna or Beyonce asked me to get together, I’d be like, “Yeah, sure, why not?” I actually had lunch with Bruno the other day — he came to Paris.

You and Bruno Mars recently had lunch?

[laughs] Yeah.

Was that… awkward?

No, no, it was fun. He’s a sweet guy.

They’re bros now.