Upstate NY’s bourgeois gold rush

All Over Albany takes a look at mapping data of New York State breweries. Meanwhile, the New Yorker looks at other craft brewery map data across the United States.

Manufacturing jobs are all going away, but in Upstate NY there’s a heavy push for more craft breweries, greek yogurt and dairy farms, and casinos.1 Each industry getting a little bit of state funding to help defray the startup costs.

Contrast that with this Atlantic article about the new retail experience:

…more and more, there are two distinct kinds of customers. There are the low- and middle-income families—squeezed between cheap wages and the high cost of essentials like education and health care—who hunt bargains. And then there are the urban bourgeois—those who rely on Trader Joe’s for lunches and Apple for phones—who are rich enough to value something above the very lowest price.

Which customers do you think the craft beer, wineries, and greek yogurt industries target?

This sort of economic development is very sexy and mysterious. But they are industries based on lavish pleasure, vice, and fads, which seems out of place these days.

  1. We’ve always had the Saratoga track up here, but lately the state is pushing towards more conventional casinos