It’s the literati, man!

MadGeniusClub emphasizes the importance of story over message in today’s literary landscape.

The corollary to this is: why is publishing in trouble? Because it forgot that readers, on the whole, read to be entertained and to forget about their troubles.

Don’t believe me, ask yourself why so many in publishing are trying to convince us that boys don’t read. Oh, I think there are those who sit in their ivory towers in NYC who actually believe that. Why? Because they look at the sales for their middle grade and YA books and see that the majority of those buying their books are girls. So, therefore, boys don’t read.

During my childhood the message that reading was important was drilled into my head. There were saturday morning cartoons about it.

Then what does the publishing industry come out with? Vampire novels and books about dungeon-sex tell-alls. Boys have had to dig back in time towards Ishmael and open up comic books graphic novels.