Xbox In The Cloud Sorry A Error Occurred

People question whether they can trust that their digital purchases for will be available 10 years from now. Phil Spencer:

“I think if you look at the stability of Xbox Live and your ability to log in and get your content, the team’s done a nice job running that service. We’re committed to Xbox One customers over the long run,” he stated. “I get that you think we should state a policy around how that’s actually going to work a decade from now, and I’m actually taking the feedback, I’ve had a couple of people ask for that.”

Given that you can barely cancel an Xbox Live gold account without going through 20 minutes of phone calls1 I think people are right to be suspicious of how reliable the platform is going to be for purchases and disputes.

  1. Not an exaggeration, I’ve been there, and it still didn’t work. Ended up putting a gift credit card with low balance on the Live account and forcing it to cancel itself.