Mouse is Out

The PA Report – Mouse and keyboard: the endangered control method:

I asked another industry buddy why so few games were previewed with the PC’s native control methods. “No one really uses the mouse and keyboard anymore,” he told me, and I suddenly felt very old, and very out of touch.

I think the reason the mouse and keyboard died for me is because PC gaming died for me. I sit at a computer most of the day – when I get home and want to be lazy it’s couch time. Couch time requires a controller.

There’s also a specific kind of game suited best for mouse clicking, and I don’t mean FPS. FPS are actually pretty GOOD on a 360 controller. Sure, mouse and keyboard is better for fast action, but a controller gets the job done. But other games – Diablo-type games, Myst-type games, Machinarium-type games – were designed with mouse clicking in mind, and all of these titles either have or will have console versions with controller support.

When I play Hotline Miami I can’t even get past the configuration screen. But when it comes to PSN I’ll be taking another look.

You know when mouse and keyboard was at its peak for me? When I lived with my parents and the only place I could play games was in my bedroom.