iTunes Radio

Two Years Ago.

How could they monetize this? Why is Genius limited to my iTunes library? Let me hit Genius on a track and use the entire iTunes Music Store to make that playlist, not just what’s in my library. Genius Radio. Maybe you only let me listen to a track once, like Lala did, but make it very easy for me to buy that track immediately.

It looks more likely that streaming may never come to iTunes, at least not the way we know it today. It won’t be called streaming. It’s simpler to call it radio. On Pandora you pick an artist and listen to their station. Same thing on Rdio and On future iTunes maybe you hit the Genius button on a track you like and listen to Genius Radio, sourced by over 18 million tracks from the iTunes Store. You’re bound to hear a bunch of stuff you might like enough to download. It’s the best automated music discovery tool I can think of.