The new Xbox isn’t for you. It’s for everyone.

Jamin Warren makes the case for why Xbox One has a good chance:

I asked my girlfriend, who does not play games, what she thought about the Xbox One announcement. All of the Kinect bells and whistles and media features were attractive to her and she said they were incredibly appealing as a consumer, but not as a gamer. However, she added, “If I owned an XBox One, I’d probably be more likely to play games.”

If that’s not progress, I don’t know what is.

That’s a big “if.” If you don’t play games, why would you buy an Xbox One? So you can connect your TV to it? That’s like buying an aftermarket satellite receiver.

The strategy of trying to appeal to a more general audience appears to make sense, but isn’t that what Nintendo tried with the Wii?

Judging from what’s been announced, Xbox One represents everything that I hate about recent dashboard redesigns and Kinect gimmicks. I don’t want to “have a relationship with my TV.” I want to chill out on my couch and play good games on my Xbox.

And for all that other stuff I have an Apple TV.