Screw it – buyin’ Blu-Rays

I’ll try not to make this another PS3 love letter, but today I bought a bunch of Blu-Rays. Having a PS3 remote changed the game for me. I’ve been trying to curtail purchases of physical media. iTunes has a lot of stuff I like and I already live in the Apple ecosystem for music.

But there are a few problems with this approach for movies.

  1. Movies on iTunes are often marked up with the lazy tax.
  2. My internet connection is not super-duper fast. If I want to watch The Godfather Part II1 through iTunes it may take 60-90 minutes for it to load enough of the movie to let me watch it the HD version.
  3. HD versions are BIG, like around 5 gigs sometimes. I don’t want to buy extra external drives just for media. Yeah, ok – “THE CLOUD” – but again, slow internet makes the cloud impractical for huge files. If it’s REALLY that important to me I’d rather just have a disc.
  4. My movie collection is subject to the whether or not big companies currently have the rights to distribute that content. I haven’t seen this happen yet to movies I’ve purchased on iTunes, but it’s already happened with music I purchased.

“But what if you want to watch a movie on your iDevice or laptop?” you might ask. I never want to do that. For me, movies are like games. I want to sit on a couch, I don’t want to touch a keyboard. I don’t want to feel the heat of a laptop. I don’t want to hold an iPad or iPhone in my hands. I want to be as comfortable and lazy as possible.

And when I’m traveling I often don’t have the free time to watch The Godfather trilogy.

So, screw it. If I need to OWN a movie I’m getting it on Blu-Ray now. All the movies worth owning2 aren’t available on Netflix Instant anyway. And when the Blu-Ray train passes (already in decline, since some of these movies are super cheap) I’ll deal with that when it’s really a problem.3

  1. The BEST Godfather movie – DO NOT DISPUTE ME! 

  2. We aren’t talking about just ANY movies here. Only good ones – the ones you watch at least once a year. Star Wars 4-6, 12 Monkeys, maybe some Indiana Jones and Tarantino flicks…those are the only ones I can think of right now. 

  3. Bt probably.