Pick your poison: messaging will be fragmented, expensive, or locked-in

Lots of comments like “HOW DO WE CONSOLIDATE ALL THESE MESSAGING PLATFORMS” and I bet the folks at Trillian are trying to figure out what went wrong.

But that isn’t the future.

I keep thinking that AIM could have solved this problem, but they are a legacy chat service. Does anyone really want Adium on iOS anymore? …maybe I would. I would like to see Apple update Messages on iOS with support for all the services that messages on Mac OS has (AIM, Jabber services for Facebook and Google Talk), but I don’t think it will ever happen.

The thing I don’t like about the “JUST USE SMS” argument is just because YOU have unlimited text messaging doesn’t mean that the people you message do. On my plan it costs me another $10 (…maybe $20?) for unlimited SMS messaging. It’s a ripoff and I won’t bite. The result is that I just don’t use SMS and I end up paying for when people send me texts.

I’ve thrown my weight behind iMessage because it’s on every device I have and on the devices most of my family and friends use. Twitter also gets some usage between me and friends. And for messaging Android_ers_ and everybody else I’ve been keeping Verbs around.1

  1. They should change that sound