Adobe’s Temptation To Rest On Their Laurels

Marco Arment on the Adobe Creative Cloud Model:

…as I run the numbers in different common scenarios (owning just Photoshop, owning Creative Suite, upgrading every version, upgrading every few versions, etc.), it actually looks like most people will end up paying less this way — and without the huge initial expenditure of buying your first copy.

What concerns me most is innovation: without that “daunting” task of convincing everyone to give them more money every two years, there may be strong temptation for Adobe to rest on its laurels.

I’m still running CS3. That’s three major versions behind. I haven’t seen a compelling reason to upgrade. The only reason I had considered upgrading is if CS3 stops working on new Mac OS releases.

And it’s NOT that there aren’t good features in the new releases that people don’t need…it’s that I don’t need them. Nor do others I’ve talked to who are also sitting on old versions of Photoshop.

It’s true that if you regularly upgrade that this isn’t a bad deal. But once Adobe has you paying a yearly subscription fee they force you into paying for upgrades whether you need them or not. That’s why the people who don’t upgrade with every new release are the ones who are most offended by this model.