Scott Creney reviews Deerhunter – Monomania

I think this with a lot of albums.

Here’s the thing. With every single Deerhunter/Atlas record, there’s been something that grabbed me, a song or two that sounded superfine and made me get excited. But every album — and we’re talking EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ALBUM — usually ends up boring me. I give it a couple listens. And then a couple more because I’m sure I must be missing something, that if I just give it enough time it will grow on me. Then it doesn’t and it gets filed away with a shrug.

But then I’ll hear a song pop up on my iPod while it’s doing the shuffle thing. I’ll wonder what it is because it sounds pretty cool and I don’t remember it, and surely I’d remember something that sounds so cool. So I go over and look, and lo and behold it’s Deerhunter. Well that’s it, I figure. Obviously I need to go back and listen to this album (this has happened with pretty much all of them). But when I listen I end up getting bored all over again.