Recovery Disk Assistant


A few months ago, with the help of SuperDuper!, I switched out hard drives in my Macbook Pro. SuperDuper! and a USB-to-SATA cable made the whole thing easy, but one thing it didn’t do is clone my drive’s recovery partition.

For me, I prefer having an external source for recovery and diagnostic purposes. When OS installs came on a DVD you were halfway covered. While having a recovery partition on your drive is nice, if that hard drive fails you have no quick and easy way to restore from your Time Machine backup (unless you have one of those fancy internet-recovery macs). So I highly recommend you use Recovery Disk Assistant soon, today, to create restore tools on a USB stick.

If you do this same setup, or even if you don’t but want to be prepared, make sure you use the before you swap out your hard drive. I had to borrow another Mac to create it, but now my entire hard drive is dedicated to the OS install and I have a USB stick in my laptop bag ready to go if the worst happens.