Interview With an Ex-Vegan: Melissa McEwen

Is veganism a city slicker phenomenon, a consequence of being estranged from nature?

I think the sort of philosophy behind it can be prevented by exposing children to nature, agriculture and other cultures. If you listen to the animal rights writers, you quickly realize that their goal is a homogenized globalized culture based on a Western ethical paradigm and a human separation from nature. Animal rights philosophy could be considered a “disease of civilization.”


I fell into raw veganism because my digestive system was trashed and I thought maybe it would be the cure. So many people on raw vegan boards have stories about how it’s such a wonderful diet and because of it they are no longer sick. I believed them. I definitely felt much better… at first. This is the common lament of raw veganism. It eliminates most problematic foods, but where is the nutrition?

I’m for the ethical treatment of animals…who isn’t? But the thing is that your body doesn’t really care about ethics. It wants nutrition and a lot of it comes from consuming animals.

For more about vegans/vegetarians-turned-meat eaters check out The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keithe.