Chicken and Waffles

This weekend I was watching stuff on Hulu when this ad came on.

One of the finalists in the Do Us a Flavor® contest? Chicken & Waffles.

“GROSS!” I thought.

I posted this to FB. One of my Facebook friends who recently moved to the southern US commented on it something like “they go nuts for this stuff in the south.”


So I did some research. According to the thing that Wikipedia cites:

As unusual as it might seem, the marriage of chicken and waffles actually has deep roots. Thomas Jefferson brought a waffle iron back from France in the 1790s and the combination began appearing in cookbooks shortly thereafter. The pairing was enthusiastically embraced by African Americans in the South. For a people whose cuisine was based almost entirely on the scraps left behind by landowners and plantation families, poultry were already a rare delicacy; in a flapjack culture, waffles were similarly exotic. Chicken and waffles for decades has been a special-occasion meal in African American families, often supplying a hearty Sunday morning meal.

Over a hundred years later and now it’s a potato chip flavor.

Chicken and waffles1

chicken & waffles2

  1. Photo by smooshmasterflex and used under a creative commons license

  2. Photo by zharth and used under a creative commons license