“Parents need to take responsibility for what their kids eat”

This response to the “why is everyone giving my kids junk food” article states that parents need to play a role in what their kids eat.

Of course. Everyone can get behind that. But this ignores the actual question of “WHY IS EVERYONE GIVING MY KIDS JUNK FOOD?”

Freedhoff is welcome to raise his kids however he’d like. But the “new normal” Freedhoff refers to isn’t that junk food is prevalent—it’s that some parents appear less inclined to put their feet down than were parents in days of yore (like when I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s).

I don’t know about this. It’s more than other parents – it’s the school system, man! It’s part of the culture. You can’t put your foot down when you’re not around.

Parents are in a weird spot here. Kids (Freedhoff is talking about a 3-year old and an 8-year old) don’t have the judgement to make good food decisions yet, and by telling the teacher not to give them junk food parents risk the social ostracization of their children. It also sends mixed signals because:

  1. Junk is used as a REWARD and
  2. All the other kids are having it

The constant barrage of candy and treats to classrooms is how uncreative teachers make learning “fun.” And it’s also making kids fat, inattentive, and diabetic.

The argument presented here is basically, “Well, parents should let their kids’s teachers know that they don’t want them stuffing their faces full of junk every day.”

You’d think you shouldn’t have to tell this to somebody who works with children.