Myth No. 53

Adobe Marketing Cloud ad

INT – Adobe marketing offices

Adobe exec 1: I love it! Gotta say, I love this new ad!
Adobe exec 2: Yeah – we named this one “Myth 53” – I wonder if people will try to find the other 52.
Adobe exec 1: Probably not, but it doesn’t matter, does it? It really GRABS you – ya know?
Adobe exec 2: You mean that headline?
Adobe exec 1: RIGHT! I mean, right above the fold – “YOU CAN’T TRUST MARKETERS!” Makes you stop and read it.
Adobe exec 2: Yeah, because it’s rooted in truth, right? People come to that page, read that headline and think, “FINALLY! A company that ACKNOWLEDGES that marketers are completely full of shit! It’s about time. I wanna do business with them!”
Adobe exec 1: Exactly! But then we say you CAN trust marketers!
Adobe exec 2: …but, I just thought we said we can’t.
Adobe exec 1: …uh, well—YOU CAN NOW is what I’m saying. Because of…er
Adobe exec 2: Metrics?
Adobe exec 1: Yeah – that stuff!
Adobe exec 2: So, when someone goes, “hey, did that ad work?” and then the marketing person says “No, it didn’t, and here’s how we know!” they’ll be pointing to the Adobe Marketing Cloud?
Adobe exec 1: Yuppers!
Adobe exec 2: …how are we measuring this ad?
Adobe exec 1: Whaddaya mean?
Adobe exec 2: Well, we want to prove the ad works, but there’s no special offer code or any sort of landing page for this ad. Just a twitter handle.
Adobe exec 1: Well, that’s easy – we just measure the increase in followers to that twitter handle!
Adobe exec 2: But how do we know THIS ad did that?
Adobe exec 1: Because…the – cloud. The cloud does it. Somehow.
Adobe exec 2: How?
Adobe exec 1: It just does.
Adobe exec 2: This isn’t the only ad we ran, is it?
Adobe exec 1: I don’t know – I’m not in marketing.