Karen Klein, bullied bus monitor: Why did a bunch of people on the Internet donate $700,000 to a woman they’ve never met?

It’s not my intention to create a hierarchy of deserving victims. But surely we can agree that, in hindsight, the monetary outpouring for Karen Klein seems disproportionate…Donations reached $5,000 within the first two hours, according to Sidorov, and were up to $100,000 by the end of the first day. People who went to the Web page could easily see that there was already more than enough money to send Karen Klein on 20 vacations. They didn’t care. They just kept giving.

What those kids did is horrible. But, in hindsight, it occurs to me that this lady wasn’t good at her job and shouldn’t be a bus monitor.

Hmm – how do we keep these kids under control? I know – we’ll put an OLD LADY on the bus!