Cliff Bleszinski got personal about getting bullied, family, and his career at PAX East.

Amid jokes, opinions and a bit of self-affacement, the former Epic Games design director took to the stage with “Storytime with Cliff Bleszinski,” a series of stories about himself, video games and how the two have been inseparable for as long as they’ve been together.

Related: remember CliffyB’s site Tales from the Hellmouth?1 It was way back in 1999 or so – this guy was writing about bullying and prevention before it was cool.

  1. Thank you, Archive.org. Tales From The Hellmouth.

    Welcome to “Tales From The Hellmouth.” This website is dedicated to exposing and sharing stories of peer and administrator abuse in the public school system. You don’t have to be in school to share your stories. They could be stories from years ago. They could be stories about what happened to you today. All I ask is that they’re true. If you would like to contribute your story, please email me! Anonymity is guaranteed if requested. If you’re wondering why I’ve created this site, read this.