Get Off of Your Cloud / CEO Perks

Maureen Dowd weighs the pros and cons of Yahoo’s remote work policy.

Ok – I should stop writing and linking to stuff about this, but I see one argument over and over – which is that Mayer has a nursery next to her office.

Every time somebody brings this up as an example of Mayer’s hypocrisy I picture a mopey, droopy, sad person mumbling, “Hmm – must be nice.”1

One of the ways companies attract and keep CEOs with a proven record of results is with perks. For Mayer one of those perks was having a nursery next to her office (that she paid for with her own money). If you’re Steve Jobs, you get to use a private jet. Why? Because you’re Steve Jobs, that’s why.

When you get to be CEO of a struggling company maybe you can earn the privilege of paying for a nursery next to your office so that you can spend more time there turning things around.

  1. Read this piece by Daniel Jalkut if you haven’t already about how dismissive this phrase is.