“Why I’m Quitting Facebook In 2013”

Kevin does what I’ve been thinking of doing for years, but don’t, because I’m a big wuss.

…let’s say I’m denying my real feelings and that I really do need validation and FB just keeps reflecting back to me that I don’t get enough of it. Let’s say I am taking my ball and going home because I don’t have any (good) friends. Let’s say the problem is 100% me, 0% my friends.

…Even assuming that — the question comes back to “How is being on Facebook improving my life?” The conclusion I keep coming back to is that it doesn’t, and in fact, may actually be keeping me from enjoying my life more.

As much as I state how much I dislike Facebook, there are parts of Facebook that I believe make my life better. Not News Feed and Timeline. Watch what they’re doing with the Messenger app. They’re even trying to overcome Skype and iMessage now. In some cases it’s actually better than iMessage on iOS because I can share my location if I want to.

I actually enjoy the one-on-one interaction this enables and there’s no contest for likes or quests for validation.

Well…read receipts encourage constant checking to see if your message has been read.