This Fat Guy Loves Coca-Cola Marketing

How simple it is to just blame Coca-Cola on our obesity epidemic than getting our kids more active with outdoor activities, putting down our smartphones, heading to the gym, or eating healthier. We blame world-class product marketing instead of the evolution of occupations that require little or no energy.

Coca-Cola’s strategy here is to say “a calorie is a calorie” – it’s not. If you drink soda regularly you will not get in shape.

Yes – you are an adult. Putting soda into your body is your decision to make. People should be free to make their own decisions about how they treat their bodies. But Coca-Cola1 is not being fully honest. They have an interest in perpetuating the “calorie is a calorie” myth. They want you to drink their product – even MORE of their product.

That’s not something you can just burn off with an hour on the treadmill. Your metabolism doesn’t stand a chance.

  1. And Pepsi Co