The Steve Jobs Comic Book I Got At Work Today

I got this in my work mail…a Steve Jobs comic book.

Steve Jobs Cover

I apologize for the glare. I also apologize for what you’re about to see. This looks horrible…worse than those Asian videos. I have taken a moment to go through some of the worst parts.

Here’s the panel about Steve Jobs studying Buddhism. Note the name of the book…it’s called “Buddhism.” It’s to make it clear he’s studying Buddhism.


Now here’s Steve Jobs leaving Atari. As a frustrated young man he left saying “FORGET THIS PLACE”, which is something that disgruntled young employees often say after leaving a job.


Here’s Steve Jobs getting fired from Apple. Note how he’s much calmer.

Then a bunch of stuff happened: Pixar, NeXT. You probably know about all that stuff. But this panel…the panel at the bottom of this page was, I thought, too much.

…too much

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