Facebook Messenger

Previously I was writing about how Chat used to be how teens with tied-up landlines socialized, but kids today use things like Skype to stay-in-touch.

Recently Facebook released a Messenger update that enables iOS to iOS calls. In short, teenagers with an iPod Touch can now call each other using Facebook. Almost all these kids have Facebook.

I haven’t tried it yet – nobody I know has downloaded the new Messenger app,1 but I like the concept.2 Free texting to other Facebook users.3 Free phone calls. No tied-up phone lines. If you buy your kid an iPod Touch they’re pretty connected now. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or bad thing.

…why should Facebook build its own phone again?

Also, how long until I can just have a data plan on my phone?

  1. BUT THEY SHOULD – because as far as I’m concerned this is the best part of Facebook these days. 

  2. Well, besides the thought of Facebook listening in on calls. 

  3. Of course, Facebook’s problem is that their apps aren’t built-in, so people won’t even know they have this capability. Although, I think Facebook prompts you to download their other apps when you download their big ugly one.