Dish Network, the Meanest Company in America

Don’t like where you work? It could be worse.

Two years after she’d left Dish, Atencio saw Ergen and his wife, Candy, at a restaurant, and she went over to say hello. Atencio had started her own PR firm after leaving Dish, and she was taken aback when he told her how proud he was of her. “He’d always been so dismissive of employees,” she says. “Like we were just cattle to be put into a pen.”

The difference now, Atencio could see, was that she was an entrepreneur, someone Ergen could respect. But what she couldn’t figure out is why he kept staring at her. When she asked him, he said: “Did you get a face-lift?”

“I haven’t had a face-lift, Charlie,” she replied. “I just don’t work for you anymore.”