Scrobbler For iOS’s Scrobbler for iOS came out last week with little fanfare.

We’ve long known that scrobbling iPhones has not always been a seamless process, so we wanted to create an application that alleviates this pain. We also wanted to offer our users with something new, so we built playlisting services that get applied to your digital library. For the first time, the algorithms that power Radio can now be applied to the libraries you’ve spent years curating.

There’s one function I really like – hit a button that says “play more like this” and Scrobbler will use’s database to generate a playlist on the fly. Think iTunes Genius, but powered by (Only problem is that it STOPS the currently playing track.)

Imagine how powerful this would be if it were combined with’s radio services. Say you like the currently playing track, hit that “play more like this button” (like the Genius button in iTunes) and got Pandora-like stations combining your music with’s radio. When a track comes up that you don’t own, and you really like it, one tap sends you to the iTunes store where you can buy it, instantly adding it to your collection.

Anyway, check out Scrobbler for iOS. However, if all you really want is to scrobble from your iPhone or iPod touch, maybe you should check out Ecoute for iOS, which supports scrobbling and may be a better music player than iOS’s stock The navigation is nicer, it’s more visual, more album artwork, and just look at that top filter bar. No genius button, though.