Indie Game: The Movie

A couple thoughts on Indie Game: The Movie.

I have a lot of indie games to play

This whole movie made me think of the backlog of indie games I’ve gotten from the Humble Indie Bundle. Since watching it I’ve started working on Braid again.

Thinking of building a Steam box now.

Artists talking about art can get boring

There’s one section in which one of the Super Meat Boy developers is talking about tutorials and how they teach players how to do things without explicitly having a tutorial level. I like that stuff. That may have been the only scene in the movie like that.1

Experience Points had an episode about this movie. They weren’t so keen on it. They bring up some good points regarding the over-dramatizationatized shots and some of the other, more interesting, stories the filmmakers could have explored, but didn’t.

Lots of beards

And facial hair. I think this is a early/mid-20s guy thing.

  1. This online extra is a good example.