“The Wii U is kind of a stopgap effort”

I have this feeling, and it’s not backed up by too much evidence, that the Wii U is kind of a stopgap effort…I think they don’t have a true successor to the Wii so they’ve taken a Wii and are offering HD graphics and a new controller, but not a radical change to gaming. Other than the controller, it’s like, you’re just joining the 21st century when it comes to computing power.

I saw an ad for the Wii U the other day on Hulu. I don’t have a good feeling about it. The ad glossed over all things that make Nintendo great (namely – Mario, Luigi, Link…). It was more about things like how cool it is that you could keep playing while someone was using the TV.

But that controller is going to be in competition with a ton of tablets. Why would a kid want a Wii U for the controller when their family already has a tablet or iPad? Or, flip it around – as a parent, why would I spend money on a Wii-U and a touchscreen controller when I could just buy my kid an iOS device?

This Penny Arcade strip also puts things into perspective.