Claussen Hot and Spicy Pickles


I am not a fan of hot and spicy things, but I LOVE pickles – Claussen is my favorite brand.

In the grocery store…I was just excited to see spears. Usually all I see are Claussen pickels packaged as whole and half, or sometimes cut crossways for sandwiches. But sometimes you just want a spear. A little snack.

I did not know they came out with hot and spicy pickles.

My first bite of these was like “THE PICKELS ARE TOO HOT!!! SOMETHING IS WROOOOOOONG!!!!!” Followed by gulps of cold water. What was real foolish of me was thinking it was a fluke. I went in again. Still too hot for me.

Now I have a jar of unloved pickles in my fridge.

So, my friends, read your pickle labels.