Arcades were Zynga before Zynga

This Gauntlet ad:


Here’s the copy:

“Gauntlet™ is a phenomenon. It’s the highest earning game we’ve ever had!”
– Shane Breaks, Atari games Corporation

“Gauntlet is the best game we’ve tested since I’ve been in the business.” So says Craig Singer, Chairman, Nickles and Dimes Inc.

Comments like this are typical from operators here and overseas who’ve helped us test this revolutionary new video game.

The reason? Unbelievably high collection numbers!

Gauntlet instantly becomes the number one game everywhere it goes, easily outearning the next best.

The exciting play action makes the numbers happen. It’s a role-playing fantasy adventure that up to four players can play at once. Each player chooses one of four unique hero-type characters, each with their own unique fighting skills. There’s endless challenge as players compete or work together to battle the monsters and get through over one hundred different mazes. It’s game play depth that won’t quit.

Gauntlet’s record-breaking earnings capability has already been proven. Get into it now.