“How Xbox Music Is Going To Make Spotify Obsolete”

…here’s what’s different: Xbox Music is baked into every single copy of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8. In other words, free access to 30 million songs is built into Windows 8, as part of the default music player. Remember, we’re talking about Windows. The last version of Windows sold 240 million copies in its first year. Spotify’s most recent official count was 15 millions users, 4 million of whom pay for a subscription. If Windows 8 matches first-year sales of Windows 7, and just 10 percent of those users latch onto Xbox Music, it’ll have a user base that’s substantially larger than Spotify’s. And if you have access to basically all music ever, just sitting there on your computer, why bother hunting down some other service to get the exact same thing?

I first read this argument thinking it was nonsense, but then I thought about how many people I know still use Internet Explorer.