Food Was The 43%

Homestead Revival making the case that we should spend more on groceries:

At the turn of the 20th century, families spent approximately 43 percent of their income on food for the table. Woah… let that sink in a minute. That’s more than the average house payment. In fact, that’s nearly HALF one’s income! Take out another 10% for tithe and 10% for savings and you’re left with only 37% of your salary. Of course, taxes were much lower then, but how many of you could pay the utilities, gasoline (much less buy a car), clothe your children, and provide the other “necessities” on that kind of money.

You may have to soon. And perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

With the dawn of regular farming subsidies, prices at the market started falling. Today, only about 11 – 19% is spent on food. And what did we do with all that “extra cash”? We began entertaining ourselves. (I have a LOT to say on this topic, but I’ll reserve that for another day).

I think there’s an argument that groceries SHOULD be cheaper because of government subsidies, but the problem is the government subsidies go towards things like corn production, which just ends up in soft drinks.