“Facebook Is Too Big To Hate” / For The Bread

You might hate using Facebook, but you still do. Because your friends are on it or your family or someone that you don’t or can’t connect with any other way, and they’re sharing things that matter to you, even if Facebook doesn’t.

I think of that exchange between Bill Maher and Mario Cuomo:

MAHER: If you disagree so much with so many of the rules, why do you need religion at all? I have a lot of trouble understanding why somebody like yourself who is a brilliant man, I have trouble understanding why brilliant people can even be religious. Quite frankly, I don’t mean that disrespectfully.
CUOMO: [overlapping] Bill-okay. No, Bill, I-
MAHER: [overlapping] But – and it seems like religion is the kind of thing where you either eat the whole wafer or you don’t eat it at all. I mean, if you’re going to pick all the raisins out, why buy raisin bread?
CUOMO: Well, I’ll tell you…Well, for the bread, that’s why you buy it.

“For the bread” is the reason why I continue to use Facebook.