Don’t feel bad for using an iPhone Case

Shawn Blanc after scratching his iPhone 5:

After snapping a few photos of our sleeping boy, I turn the phone around so Anna can see the screen and browse the images I’ve just captured. I think to myself how it’s unfortunate my iPhone is no longer mint. And yet I wouldn’t trade that scrape for a case or a cover, and certainly not for a lesser device where scratches seem less intrusive.

Seems to me that the people who are against iPhone cases are VERY different than ones who value them.

For example, this week I’ve been out of the office setting up a tradeshow booth. I do this kind of thing only a few times a year. Before I left I put on the free iPhone case I received after antenna-gate. Trips like this are the only time I use that case.

But some people at my work do this kind of thing every day. They do it much better than I do. They also use iPhones. And, sure as shit, they use cases.

In their line of work there’s heavy, metallic stuff. They work from high heights. Things get dropped. Accidents happen. It’s easy to see how something can get scuffed even while it’s in your pocket.

I don’t like iPhone cases either, but everyone talking about how iPhone cases are unnecessary lack perspective. They work desk jobs. They are writers, artists, lawyers…knowledge workers. The most dangerous thing that could happen to their phones is if they accidentally knock them off their desks when reaching for their Starbucks quad venti non-fat latte.