Source Code Pro

A new monospace font from Adobe.

To my eye, many existing monospaced font suffer from one of three problems. The first problem that I often notice is that, many monospaced fonts force lowercase letters with a very large x-height into a single width, resulting in overly condensed letter forms which result in words and text with a monotonous rhythm, which quickly becomes tedious for human eyes to process. The second problem is somewhat the opposite of the first: many monospaced fonts have lowercase letters that leave too much space in between letters, causing words and strings to not hold together. Lastly, there is a category of monospaced fonts whose details I find to be too fussy to really work well in coding applications where a programmer doesn’t want to be distracted by such things.

In designing Source Code, I tried my best to avoid these common design flaws.

I’m gonna try using this for a week and see how I feel about it, but right now I find it jarring to my eyes. I’ve been using Droid Sans Mono for everything monospace, which is everything I write in Markdown, an IDE like Coda, and every text editor.

Oddly, I think it feels weird **because* it feels friendlier. It looks great in Byword, but feels weird in Marsedit.