Thoughts on Twitter Stuff

I’m not so sure the API changes are a such big deal. I mean, let’s see where they go with this stuff, but I’m not so surprised that they want to take control of their platform and rein everything in.

What IS bad about that is it looks like they’re going to force the insertion of social media douchebaggery into everyone’s Twitter experience.

That’s what’s most likely to ruin Twitter. But how bad things must be if that’s what this has come to.

The API announcement makes me wonder two things: how much would I pay for Twitter and what do I use Twitter for.

I probably wouldn’t be using Twitter if it cost $50 a year. Or if it cost $10 a year.

Would you? Would anybody?

What’s Twitter’s purpose? For me.

I use it to make jokes and wisecracks and follow people I don’t know. Some of my friends use it, but we could get by without it. There’s email and IM1, not to mention Facebook.

The biggest reason I use Twitter is because I seek the approval of others through Favs. That’s my Twitter life.

To me, Twitter is fun, but it’s non-essential. If Twitter went away I think I’d be bummed about it for about a week and then be fine without it.

  1. Meanwhile, there is another client I keep open all day besides Twitterrific, and that’s IT’S LIKE MY OWN PRIVATE TWITTER! At least that’s what I was thinking yesterday sending messages back and forth with my sisters. Maybe we’re headed back to 10 years ago, where Twitter updates were just away messages.