Email Habits

Kyle Baxter:

What would an application look like that’s for storing tasks and related files from email? How would it integrate with mail clients?

I put tasks/projects in Omnifocus and related files in Finder folders depending on what project they’re for. In my world this problem has already been solved.

But that’s my world. That’s what us nerds and others who read that GTD book do. But for normals it’s still a problem. Normals use their email clients like this and they’ve been doing it this way for years.

My father is seriously thinking of switching to a Mac. This inevitable email conversation is one I dread, because the idea of INBOX TO ARCHIVE will challenge a behavior he developed over years and years to make up for Outlook’s inability to search without having a wizard or some other confusing dialogue box involved. He’ll resist what we think of as a common sense way of processing this information because the messed up method he learned by using Microsoft Outlook is all he knows.

It will be a tough habit to break.