Business Fairy Tales

I think managers who hand these books out are terrible at leading teams.

Books like Who Moved My Cheese sell tons of copies because some guy in upper-management buys 10 of them and gives them out to people instead of having a conversation like “look, this is how things are going to be.”

…in this ocean of success is an undertow of loathing. The common anecdote is of the CEO who falls in love with a parable and orders thousands of copies to inspire the troops. Recipients don’t always get the same fuzzy feeling. Some feel insulted at being force-fed what they consider to be simplistic drivel.

“It’s like giving people a bottle of Scope and telling them their breath is bad,” says Johnson, considered the king of parables, who advises against this system of distribution.

Parables might be nice stories, but they’re also fiction. They’re business stories that work out in the end because they’re made up and don’t have to deal with how things are like in the real world.