“How Words With Friends Beat Scrabble At Its Own Game”

I know I’m a few years late on this.

I had resisted Words With Friends for a long time, opting instead for Scrabble (the REAL thing), but within the past week I installed it and played a few games. My suspicions were confirmed: Words With Friends just feels like a cheap Scrabble ripoff.

Not just the game, by the way, but the Scrabble app on iOS is just better (more colorful, the sound effects are better, and it’s nice to get features built-in with Scrabble that are in-app purchase with Words With Friends). The Scrabble app’s only downside, besides that everyone plays Words With Friends instead, is that the iPad app doesn’t support EA’s own login system, which is pretty silly.

If you’ve never played a Zynga game don’t start. Every time you’re done playing moves in Words With Friends you’re constantly prompted to start another game. You wouldn’t be wrong to think of what Zynga’s CEO said when you get pestered by these prompts.